LLUMM: Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Ferran Fages

Photo by Isabel Cardeira mail@llumm.net


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Adhuc, second LLUMM's release.


August 3, 2019. No Noise Festival, Porto (Portugal).
August 1, 2019. Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra (Spain).
July 31, 2019. Ressonância#28, VIC// Aveiro Arts House, Aveiro. (Portugal).
July 18, 2019. Fundació Phonos, Barcelona (Spain).
June 5-9, 2019. RÉSIDENCE D'ENREGISTREMENT AT GMEA, Albi (France).
September 28, 2018. Festival Riverrun (GMEA), Albi (France).


Cel obert by LLUMM, released May 25th 2020 on Montagne Noire.


LLUMM is the new project of Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Ferran Fages, started in spring 2018, after a brief musical silence following the Cremaster project (2000-2017). LUMM emerges from the desire to produce delicate but compact music, made of pauses and breaks in which activity and non-activity would be equally important. Atypical harmonies are built and broken into resonances, and their acoustic residues lead to a state of suspension with clarity and precision, as if every sound could only be where it is. The economy of means is taken here as a basic premise to reach the essential. After twenty years of collaboration, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Ferran Fages recapture the creative dialogue they've always had.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro: resonant objects and electronics
Ferran Fages: electric guitar


Excerpt of LLUMM's first release on Montagne Noire.

LLUMM ยท 2020